AB Products – Service Charges

Bank is levying the following service charges w.e.f. 01.10.2009 (Cir.no.369 Ref 27/39 dated 11.12.2013)

NoCategory / TypeService Charges
Non-IndividualsIndividualsPensioners/ Sen.Citi./Indiv. In Rural Areas
1 Cheque Issue / Return
Cheque Book – SB Rs.2.50 per leaf (25 leaves free in a year)
Cheque Book – CD Rs.3/- per leaf (No free cheque leaves)
Cheque Stop payment – Per leaf Rs.60/- Max.Rs.250/- Rs.55/- Max.Rs.225/- Rs.50/- Max.Rs.200/-
Cheque Return – Inward
CD cheque – Up to Rs.20000/- Rs.100/- Rs.75/- Rs.50/-
SB cheque – Up to Rs.20000/- Rs.75/- Rs.60/- Rs.40/-
CD cheque – Above Rs.20000/- Rs.200/- Rs.150/- Rs.100/-
SB Cheque – Above Rs.20000/- Rs.100/- Rs.80/- Rs.60/-
100 lakh & above Rs.500/- for all SB and Current accounts.
Cheque Return – Outward Rs.150/-+out of pocket expenses for financial reasons and Rs.150/- for other reasons.
2 Balance Enquiry >12 months Rs.115/- Rs.110/- Rs.100/-
3 Account closure
SB (closed within 12 months) Rs.200/- Rs.150/- Rs.100/-
SB (closed after 12 months) Rs.100/- Rs.80/- Rs.60/-
CD (closed within 12 months) Rs.500/- Rs.350/- Rs.250/-
CD (closed after 12 months) Nil Nil Nil
No account closure charges for AB Easy accounts (No frills account)
4 Signature verification (per 173ttest) Rs.125/- Rs.110/- Rs.100/-
5 No Due Certificate (Weak sec – nil) Rs.150/- Rs.125/- Rs.100/-
6 Passbook / Statement charges
Issue of Balance Certificate Rs.100/- per certificate
Duplicate Passbook / Statement with latest balance only Rs.15/- per Passbook/Statement
Duplicate Passbook / Statement with previous entries only Passbook - Rs.75/- plus additional Rs.50/- per bunch of every 40 entries. For statement Rs.25/- for each 40 entries.
7 Collection of local cheques (Other than clearing cheques)
SB Group Accounts Rs.50/- Rs.35/- Rs.30/-
CD Group Accounts Rs.100/- Rs.80/- Rs.60/-
8 Collection of Cheques - Others No out of pocket expenses should be levied
Up to Rs.5000/- SB accounts – Rs.25/- - Other accounts Rs.50/-
Rs.5001 to 10000/- Rs.50/- for all accounts.
Rs.10001 to Rs.100000/- Rs.100/- for all accounts.
Above Rs.100000/- Maximum of Rs.200/-
9 Safe Custody Charges
Scrips Rs.500/- per scrip per annum
Sealed cover Rs.500/- per sealed cover per annum
Sealed Boxes 20x20x20 c.m. Rs.500/- per annum
30x30x30 c.m. Rs.600/- per annum
10 Inward/Outward Bills
Up to 1000/- Rs.60/- plus out of pocket expenses
Above 1000/- up to 5000/- Rs.80/- plus out of pocket expenses
Above 5000/- up to 10000/- Rs.100/- plus out of pocket expenses
Above 10000/- up to 1.0 lakh Rs.9/- per thousand plus out of pocket expenses
Above 1.0 lakh up to 10 lakh Rs.8/- per thousand plus out of pocket expenses
Above 10 lakh Rs.7/- per thousand plus out of pocket expenses
11 Issuance of DD/PO
Up to 5000/- Rs.20/- Rs.20/- Rs.15/-
>5000/- to 10000/- Rs.25/ Rs.25/- Rs.20/-
>10000/- to < 1 lakh – per thousand Rs.2.50 Rs.2.25 Rs.1.75/-
>1lakh to < 10 lakhs – per thousand Rs.2.25 Rs.2.00 Rs.1.50/-
>10 lakhs and above Rs.2 Rs.1.50 Rs.1.25
Maximum commission Rs.20000/- Rs.18000/- Rs.15000/-
Cancellation/Duplicate/Revalidation of DD/POUp to & inclusive 10000/- Rs.25 per instrument; > 10000/- - Rs.100/- per instrument
12 Standing instructions (SI)
Noting charges Rs.25/-
Transfer between accounts No charges
Other standing instructions Remittance charges plus out of pocket expenses
Non execution of SI (Insufficient) Rs.100/-
13 Folio charges – CD & ODCC accounts (Quarterly)Rs.80/- for every 40 entries after availing free entries referred as below
Free entries are allowed per quarter for the accounts where the average credit balance in the account is above Balance up to Rs.25000/- Nil
>Rs.25000/- up to Rs.50000/- 60
>Rs.50000/- up to Rs.1 lakh 100
>Rs.1 lakh up to Rs.2 lakhs 400
Above Rs.2 lakhs No charges
Note: No free entries to C & IFD accounts.
14 Inoperative Accounts – Service Charges (Yearly)
SB Group Accounts Rs.50/- per quarter in Rural areas and Rs.100/- per quarter at all other places.
Current Accounts Rs.200/- per quarter
Note: No charges if stipulated minimum balance requirement is adhered.
15 Cash handling charges Cash receipts under CD and ODCC accounts
Up to one bundle No charge
> one bundle Rs.100/- per bundle maximum of Rs.10000/-
Note: ODCC/retired staff accounts are exempted from cash handling charges
16 Addition/Deletion of names Rs.100/-
17 Change in Operation instructions Rs.100/-
18 Record copy of cheque/DD/PO Rs.100/- per item

Minimum Balance violation charges: The minimum balances stipulated for deposit accounts (Current and SB group accounts) are as under: (Rs.)

No Category Rural SU Urban Metro
1 CD & ICD 1000 2000 3000 5000
2 SB with Cheque Book 250 250 500 500
3 SB without Cheque Book 100 250 250 500
4 ASB with Cheque Book 300 500 500 500
5 ASB without Cheque Book 150 250 250 300
6 Abhaya Gold / Abhaya Jeevan 1000
7 ASB plus- Cheque book 400 500 500 500
8 ASB plus - without cheque book 200 300 300 300
9 AB Jeevan Abhaya „Plus“ 1000 2000 3000 5000
10 Kids Khazana 100
11 Personalised Cheque facility – CD 10000
12 Personalised Cheque facility – CD 2000

The mode of calculation of minimum balance is based on Quarterly Average Balance (QAB) in the account. Non maintenance of QAB attracts the following penal charges as per circular no.169 Ref 44/19 dated 09.09.2009.

Category Charges
Current Accounts Rs.200/- per quarter
AB Premium Current Account Rs.400/- per quarter
Savings Bank Accounts Rs.100/- quarter - Metro/Urban/SU areas
Rs.50/- per quarter - Rural areas
AB Privilege SB Accounts Rs.150/- per quarter

Safe Deposit Lockers: The rents on lockers have been revised as under w.e.f 01.10.2009 (Cir.no.170 Ref 44/20 dated 09.09.2009)

Locker Type Metro Urban S.Urban / Rural
A & A1 1000 900 750
B 1100 950 800
C 1150 1000 900
D 1250 1100 1000
E & H1 2000 1500 1300
F 2200 1800 1600
G 2500 2000 1800
H 5000 4000 3000
L 6000 5000 4000

Other conditions: Rentals for built-in lockers shall be 25% more than the rents noted above. The locker operations are restricted to 10 in a quarter. Any operation beyond 10 in a quarter attracts a charge of Rs.50/- per transaction. A concession of 20% in rent is allowed to our existing and retired staff members. Note: All the above service charges attract tax @ 12.36% with effective from 01.04.2012.

Purchase of Local cheques against clearing: At par for salaries cheques of employees of Central/State government and Public Sector Units maintaining SB accounts with our Bank. Cheques presented by Rice Millers – Applicable cash credit interest rate to the respective Rice Mill accounts. With regard to others – Interest @ 15.50% p.a. With regard to other cheques, the charges are 40 paise for every Rs.100/- besides applicable collection charges. If the cheque is returned unpaid, Base Rate + Spread @6.50% is to be collected. (Cir.no.109 Ref 26/27 dt. 30.06.10)

E-Products – Service charges (Cir no.412 Ref 27/45 dated 13.01.2014)
No Category Service charges
1 RTGS – Outward
Transaction Time Rs.2 to Rs.5 lakh Above Rs.5 lakh
9 AM to 12 Noon Rs.25 Rs.50
Above 12 Noon to 3.30 PM Rs.30 Rs.55
After 3.30 PM Rs.30 Rs.55
2 NEFT – Outward (AB Xpress)
Up to Rs.10000/- Rs.2.50 per transaction
> Rs.10000/- and up to one lakh Rs.5 per transaction
> one lakh and up to Rs.2 lakh Rs.15 per transaction
Above Rs.2 lakh Rs.25 per transaction
3 Electronic Clearing Services (ECS)
Registration of ECS Rs.100/-
Cheque Return charges (ECS Debits) Rs.100/- per debit
4 Speed Clearing (Cir 293 Ref 27/28 dated 17.10.2012)
Up to & inclusive of Rs.1.00 lakh No charge
Above Rs.1.00 lakh Maximum of Rs.150/-
Cheque return charges Up to Rs.10000/- - Rs.50/-; Up to Rs.10000/- to Rs.1.0 lakh Rs.100/-; Above Rs.1 lakh - Rs.200/-; One crore & above Rs.500/-
5 Any Branch Banking (ABB)
Cash withdrawals by self No charges up to Rs.50000/-
Cash deposit by self No charges
Cash deposited by third party
i) Up to Rs.1000/- Rs.10/-
ii) Rs.1001/- to Rs.50000/- Rs.2/- per thousand
Non cash transactions
i) Up to Rs.1.00 lakh No charges
ii) Above Rs.1.00 lakh Rs.50/- per transaction
6 Deposit of clearing instruments at non-home branch drawn on non- CBS branch / other banks SB Accounts – No charge CD Accounts – No charge up to Rs.1.00 lakh and Rs.50/- per instrument for Rs.1.00 lakh & above.
7 Multi City Cheques (MCC) Rs.5/- per leaf
8 ATM / Debit Card
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) Rs.100/- per annum at the start of second year. However, Senior Citizens, Handicapped and Basic Saving Bank account holders are exempted from AMC
Transactions on our ATMs No charges
Transactions on other Bank ATMs Rs.20/- per transaction. However, no charge will be levied for 5 transactions in a month for SB accounts
Re-issue of card Rs.200/- w.e.f. 01.07.11
Re-issue of PIN mailer Rs.50/- + Service charges
9 SMS Alerts
Push Rs.15/- per quarter + Service tax
Pull Push – Free. Pull – Rs.3/- per request*
10 Internet Banking No charges
* Service provider levy charges

Processing Charges: The processing charges are as follows:

I. Working Capital Limits (Fund & Non-Fund Based)
Up to Rs.25000/- Rs.150/-
> Rs.25000/- & up to Rs.2 lac Rs.300/-
Above Rs.2 lac Rs.300 per lac or part thereof with a maximum of Rs.30 lac.
However, Rice Mills with credit rating of A+ are exempted from processing charges
II. Loans against Shares & Securities Rs.300/- per lac
III. Mortgage Loans 1% of the loan amount
IV. Rent Receivables Minimum Rs.5000/- or 1% of the loan whichever is higher.

Branches have to collect 25% of the normal processing/upfront fee in advance for new accounts involving fund/non fund based credit limits of more than Rs.2 lacs. If the loan is sanctioned, this amount will be adjusted against processing charges/upfront fee to be collected at the time of disbursement of limits. However, no charges will be collected upfront before sanction of loan to Micro & Small Enterprises for the loans up to Rs.5 lakh. However, in the cases where borrowers come into our fold through Loan Syndicate or on taking a share under consortium arrangement, processing charges/upfront fee shall be collected on the share allocated to our Bank at the time of documentation or at the time of disbursement of limits in line with other member banks. (Cir no.163 Ref 26/26 dated 20.07.2012)

Upfront Fees: 1% of the term loan amount is to be collected for all categories of borrowers and no ceiling is prescribed for collection of upfront fee on term loans. Powers are delegated for permitting concession/waiver up to 50% of processing charges/upfront fee to ED. Powers for permitting concession/waiver up to 100% of processing charges/upfront fees are vested with CMD for all accounts including MC sanctions. (Cir.no.5 Ref 26/02 dated 07.04.2010)

Commitment charges are to be levied for term loans of above Rs.5 crores at 1% p.a. for delay in draw down schedule beyond one month. Similarly, working capital limits of Rs.1 crore and above to all corporate borrowers shall be levied @ 0.50% p.a. commitment charges (exclusive of overall ceiling of 2% penal/additional interest) on the unavailed portion of fund based working capital limits subject to a tolerance level of 20% i.e. the utilization of the limit shall not be less than 80% of the sanctioned limit. However, limits sanctioned to Sick/weak units, export credit, banks, public sector undertakings and seasonal industries are exempted from commitment charges. (Cir. no.143 Ref 26/29 dated 25.07.2007)

Pre-closure charges are to be levied on Term Loans (repayable beyond 36 months) @ 2% flat on the pre-paid loan amount. However, Education, Housing, SHG, Govt. sponsored scheme loans are exempted from levy of the said charges (Circular no.5 Ref 26/3 dated 08.04.2008).

Agency Commission payable on Government transactions: Government is paying the following charges to the banks (Cir no. 151 Ref 51/05 dated 15.07.2013).

NoType of transaction Unit Rate
1 Receipts – Physical Mode Per transaction Rs.50
2 Receipts – e-mode Per transaction Rs.12
3 Pension Payments Per transaction Rs.65
4 Payments other than Pension Per Rs.100 turnover Rs.5.5 paise