The Small enterprises contribute nearly 40% of the country‚Äôs industrial output and offer the largest employment after agriculture.  Therefore, this sector presents an opportunity to the country to harness its local competitive advantages for achieving global dominance.  In recognition of these aspects, Government of India enacted the MSMED Act in the year 2006.  The activities of MSME are broadly classified into Manufacturing Enterprises and Service Enterprises.


Manufacturing Enterprises are those which are engaged in manufacturing or production of goods. These are defined in terms of investment in Plant & Machinery. Recently, activities such as Seed Processing (for genetic enhancement) involving collection of germplasm, cleaning, gravity separation, chemical treatment etc., and Composite unit in Poultry with Chicken (Meat) Processing are treated as Manufacturing units under MSME.


Service Enterprises are the enterprises engaged in providing or rendering of services. These are defined in terms of investment in Equipment. Recently activities such as Medical Transcription Service, Production of TV serials / program, Ripening of Raw Fruits under controlled conditions and Service Rating Agency are treated as Service Enterprises under MSME. The modified definitions of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are as under:

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