The Government and the regulator (RBI) have been emphasizing the importance and the need to extend speedy, efficient, fair and courteous customer service in banking industry. In this direction, the following committees were set up:


1975 – Talwar Committee

1990 – Goiporia Committee

2004 – Tarapore Committee

2006 – Working group under chairmanship of Sri N Sadasivan


In addition to the guidelines framed based on the recommendations of the committees, RBI had been giving instructions to banks as and when required. Over the years, the customer service in banks has improved considerably with the introduction of technology based products. Further, the Government of India introduced the concept of Citizens’ Charter at all bank branches with an objective to exercise in setting benchmarks for prompt delivery of banking services, including the pricing thereof. In the year 2010, RBI constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Sri.M.Damodaran to look into the customer service aspects in Banks. The recommendations of the committee are as under:

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