Group Discussion Topics

  1. Is the Retail Banking is going to stay?
  2. Branch Banking or Alternate Delivery Channels – Which way you choose?
  3. Interest Rate Deregulation – Its impact on Bank Business
  4. Financial Inclusion – Is it an opportunity or obligation?
  5. Impact of NPA on Bank Balance Sheet
  6. What are the ways to add value to Customer Service?
  7. Asset Management (NPA) – Strategies
  8. Inflation & Interest Rates
  9. New Private Sector Banks – Boon or Bane?
  10. Market Share or Market Expansion
  11. What are the strategies required for banks to shore other income avenues?
  12. How to leverage technology for business development?
  13. Strategies to retain Gen-Y Employees.
  14. Future Banking.
  15. Strategies to improve Gen-Y client base.
  16. What is the impact of Small Banks / Payment Banks on Public Sector Banks (PSBs)?
  17. Which Business Model suits for Retail Credit – Centralized or Decentralized?
  18. New Payment Initiatives – Way to Bank’s Profitability